Over the years, we have been conducting research on fitness and with our findings, we have helped hundreds of women who have given up on weight loss to lose weight and have the bodies of their dreams. Our focus is on helping women who wants to shed some pounds and not just live a healthy lifestyle but an active one too. We have designed some weight loss programs which supplements healthy eating with intense workouts. We designed a fantastic 7 Day Detox program which our clients has confirmed is weight loss and body building. Over the 7 days period, it’s not uncommon for clients to shed about 1.5 pounds daily and 10 pounds at the end of the program. Thus, we recommend that our clients eat a healthy and balanced diet after the program to keep weight loss off in a healthy way. Need I mention that the fantastic 7 Day Detox plan is just for a week? We do not advise staying longer on it than the 7 Day period.
Make sure to consult your health provider before starting a diet program. Note that this diet program isn’t a prescription and isn’t designed to treat diseases. It’s a result of our researches and the experience of our clients. You are solely responsible for your dietary needs as we are not aware of food allergies or sensitivities you may have.
Have you ever asked yourself why weight loss is always on the resolution lists of most people every year? There is a reason why weight loss is everyone’s resolution and there is also a reason why it’s on the list every year. Truth be told, losing weight is tough and not easy to maintain. For several years, fitness professionals, dietitians, and nutritionists have been trying every means possible to make weight loss doable for their clients. There are tons of weight loss programs, diet programs and exercises all over the place. Is it that they are not effective at weight loss or they do not keep weight loss off for longer periods? Why are you still struggling with weight loss? Perhaps you are struggling with weight loss because you are missing a vital component of weight loss. To lose weight and maintain it, mental preparation is key. You have got to prepare yourself internally to make a change on the outside.
Now before you start this 7 Day diet program, consider carrying out the outlined tasks below first.
 What are your goals? Know and define them.
What is your dream body like? Will you feel fulfilled when you finally achieve your weight loss goals? What parts of your body require the most work? Grab a jotter and pen and write down your goals.
Here are some things to write down.
The areas that needs the most work which could be your arms, hips, stomach, legs and others.
• How many pounds do you need to lose?
• How many inches do you project to lose in your arms, chest, thighs, hips, shoulders, and stomach?
• How long will it take to achieve your goals? Is it days or months?
• What are the activities you need to engage in everyday to make weight loss happen? What kinds of foods should you eat and what should your exercise routine look like?
 Once you have your goals on paper, keep it where you can see it every day. You can have a copy on the wall in your office or have one on the door of the refrigerator.
 If you have a picture of your ideal body type in your head, search for it on the Internet, print it and paste it beside your goals. Spare five minutes every day to look at the picture and visualize the picture on your body.
 Spare some minutes every day to meditate and picture your goals to remain focused. These mind exercises will only take few minutes of your time and they will help to keep you positive and focused on your goals.
 Always remind yourself of the fulfilment you will feel when you achieve your weight loss goals.
 Stick to the plan
As stated earlier, this 7 Day Detox plan is a short term guideline and the result may not last for a long time. To keep the weight loss off, make sure to eat a healthy balanced diet after the program. This diet program works great if you are looking to shed some pounds before a wedding or a vacation.
More importantly, please pay attention to the rules outlined below and follow them throughout the program. Failure to stick to the rules may affect your results.

If your goal is to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle, then you have got to follow these simple rules. These rules helps to provide guidance and also ensures that you achieve the results you want.
1. Eat every three hours.
2. Portion control is important. Be concise with your meal portions and endeavor to write your meals down.
3. Eat 5-6 small meals every day.
4. Endeavor to eat within 45 minutes after you get up from bed every day.
5. Eat more fiber to ensure a healthy digestion. Though fiber is classified as carbohydrate, the body doesn’t use it as energy so it doesn’t turn to fat.
6. The foods you are allowed to eat this week are the ones provided on the list below. Do not eat anything outside the list.
7. Avoid eating protein bars or commercial low carbs foods. Eat protein shake with maximum of 3g carbs/serving instead. Protein powders with 20-25 grams of protein are great options.
8. Don’t eat more than 20 grams of carbohydrates a day throughout the program.
9. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water daily
10. Take caution with condiments as most of them contain carbs and hidden sugars. So read the nutritional label carefully. Avoid drinking alcohol
11. Do not force yourself to eat when you are full and eat small portion at a time.
12. If you perform intense exercises before, you may want to reduce it this week considering that you won’t have enough energy for high intensity exercises. Avoid doing steady state cardio exercises this week and consider yoga instead.
13. For optimal results, consume free ranged chicken, grass fed beef and organic vegetables.
14. For best results, eat organic vegetables, grass fed beef and free ranged chicken.

To achieve the best results with the program, you must restrict your diet to the foods listed below.
You have three lists of food groups to choose from
This week, you will be required to restrict which are list of fats (F), list of vegetables (V) and list of proteins (P). Refrain from eating food items that are not provided on the list.
Make sure to get food scales to weigh your foods before consumption as it helps ensure that you do not eat more portion than you should. Cook your food in large quantities and then divide it in food coolers. That’s a great way to stay organized, save money and reduce time spent in the kitchen.
The fats provided on this list are rich in Omega 3 and will not only satisfy your appetite but also activate fats that convert fat to energy. Carbs are known as the main source of energy for the body but during this energy program, you will replace the primary source with the secondary source which is fat. Once you do that, your body will get accustomed to burning fat for energy. To achieve long term results, you can’t go back to your old eating habits after the program. Instead, eat healthy.
 1tbsp Flax Oil
 1tbsp Coconut Oil (for frying)
 1tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for salads)
 1.5oz Goat Cheese
 1tbsp. Hemp Seed Oil
 1tbsp Mayonnaise
Aside from minerals, vitamins and fiber, vegetables are composed of carbohydrates such as sugar and starch. Though vegetables are good for the body and provide awesome benefits for the body, your objective during the program is to consume no less than 20 grams of carbs daily. Thus, this list only contain the vegetables with the lowest amounts of starch and sugars. Beside each vegetable, you will find the amounts of carbs contained. Ensure you keep track of the food items you eat so you don’t consume more than the required carbohydrates.
 Cucumber 2 cups
 Lettuce 1 cup
 Mushrooms 1 cup
 Asparagus – 2 cups
 Broccoli 2 cups
 Cabbage 1 cup
 Celery 1 cup
 Radishes 1 cup
 Spinach 2 cups
 Radicchio 1 cup PROTEIN LIST (P)
 4oz Chicken Breast
 4oz Turkey Breast
 1 can Tuna Fish (canned in water)
 5oz Fish (flounder, shark, salmon, tuna etc.)
 1 scoop Protein Powder Isolate. Go for high quality protein powders such as New Zealand Whey.
 4oz Lean Beef
 2 Whole Eggs
 5 Egg Whites
 Full fat Cottage Cheese. Take only ½C daily.
CONDIMENTS You are free to use any condiments you want but double check to be sure that they do not have any carbohydrates. Consider using hot sauces that are free of calories and lemon juice/vinegar on your meat and vegetables. Use dry spices sparingly. Avoid the use of ranch sauces, sweet and spicy Asian sauces, ketchups and condiments with high calories.

The foods we eat today have high amounts of taste enhancers such as trans-fat and sugar which do not only have high calories but also wreak havoc on the body. It’s no news that many packaged food producers and restaurants sell you taste enhancer enriched foods in the name of healthy foods. For instance, you may buy a healthy salad at a restaurant not knowing that it contains fried bacon bits with trans fats and sugar in its dressing. Now, these additions may not provide more calories but the taste enhancers will provide more calories than the salad itself. Thus, it becomes important to assemble your food thereby getting rid of harmful ingredients and eating the healthy ones. You can achieve this with major macro nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein and fats. For example, if a salad is made up of 5oz of chicken breast, 1 tbsp. of extra virgin olive and 1 cup of spinach and lettuce leaves, you can say for a fact that the sale is made of 1 serving of protein (1P), 1 serving of healthy fat (1F) and serving of vegetables (1V). Therefore, the composition of your salad is 1P+1V+1F. It’s safe and healthy to eat different mix of macro nutrients with your meal. Throughout the diet program, assemble your meals with the formulas given below. These formulas must be adopted for the 7 Day Detox plan to get optimal results.
The formulas are as follows: Meal 1 (Breakfast) 1P + 1F + 1V Meal 2 (Snack) 1P + 1F Meal 3 (Lunch) 1P + 1F + 1V Meal 4 (Snack) 1P + 1F Meal 5 (Dinner) 1P + 1F + 1V Meal 6 (Snack, if you are still hungry) 1P

Meal 1 (Breakfast)
1 egg and 4 egg whites omelet with spinach, cheese and mushrooms.
Meal 2 (Snack)
½ c cottage cheese Meal 3 (Lunch)
Chicken breast + large salad with olive oil dressing and vinegar.
Meal 4 (Snack)
Protein shake with flaxseed oil. Meal 5 (Dinner)
Fish + large salad with vinegar and olive oil dressing + 1 c broccoli Meal 6 (Snack)
2 eggs

The fantastic 7 Day Detox plan is a great way to shed some pounds fast. To be on the safe side, don’t do it longer than a week at a time. Unless you eat healthy after the diet program, don’t expect long term changes.
It gives us great joy when we see our clients beautiful and happy. We are available to provide support should you need it anytime. If you have any enquiries/ questions / comments, feel free to call us or chat with us.
We are here for you and are committed to seeing you happy.

Combining the above system, along with personal training will be highly effective. Our personal training service in Derby are an ideal solution to help you reach your goals and if you really wanted the best possible results then you can consult a nutritionist in derby to obtain a bespoke nutrition plan that is catered to your specific dietary requirements.

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