We often think that the harder an exercise is the faster and better we train our muscles. So when in the Gym, we instinctively go for the heavyweights stressing ourselves out unnecessarily. When simple squats and curls can give results, we then decide to go cycling or start practicing stressing yoga positions. In the end, we don’t get to have the expected result in exchange for all the work we put in.

Simple timely-body-movement, joint flexing, rhythmic dance steps, and deadlifts have proven to be very beneficial in keeping the body fit and getting the desired bodybuilding shape. These are the gym’s simplest practices, but they give results like balanced body composition, strength to lift heavier weight, reduction in injury rate and hypertrophy. The only problem with these simple but effective methods is that if the correct position of the body is not gotten, it might also be of no effect too. This makes the gym instructor more important. Don’t just approach the gym tools, machines, and exercise without first getting to know how they work and how they can work best for you.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes you make in body fitness exercise and their suitable corrections. This will help you to get the most out of your effort and not stressing yourself unnecessarily.


Most people get straight down to heavy activities instead of first preparing their body systems for the work out sessions. Waking up your muscles is important as it helps to receive tension and frees up tightened parts of the body which heavy workouts might just ruin. The result of mist time is that you get tired instead of been refreshed.

Correction: Make sure you warm up your body or the muscles you’re about to work on first by doing simple stretches and flexing. You can put the treadmill in a very slow walk that will set the mood for the real work. Warming up is very important in getting good body fitness results.


It is true that working out or exercising can get to a point where it becomes dangerous to the busy system but this is not the case most times. Most people give up too early while exercising. At the nearest point of body restrain they throw in the towel and call it a day when that is the point where the muscles actually need the stressing for results to be seen.

Correction: When you feel your body restraining, know that you are not necessarily tired. It’s simply your body complaining of not going through such before. It’s normal. Make sure you push to the point of fatigue where you get to start gasping for breath. During workouts, if you feel your muscles are now used to a certain threshold then it’s time to raise the bar.


Using your full range of motion is important but if you notice that over time you’ve not been able to take on more weight, make sure you do a check-up to see if you’re fit. The key is to be consistent enough with the growth of activities you partake in. If you are fit and you notice that getting to full motion range is still a problem then it simply means that your weight is heavy for you.

Correction: It’s not a weakness to reduce your weight. It is wise to hit full range as your own capacity and grow it steadily. When you feel strengthened enough, add some more weight and keep going.




The slightest tweak from the correct body form fits each exercise can force energy on the wrong muscle part which the world does not give the desired result. Sometimes it might even result in an injury.

Correction: Getting the right posture is important and as such it must be gotten well enough to ensure that you have a result. If there won’t be an instructor with you, you can make use of resources online to get the right body form for each exercise.


If you are used to squatting for 30 minutes and that’s all you just do, there might be another part of your body that will not develop because energy is not afforded there.

Try to keep a host of other activities to do. Do not be so focused on just one workout activity that you do not get to try out others. Diversify your workout sessions, if you do 30 minutes of squatting you can keep a diversified 10 minutes for treadmill workout and 20 minutes for squaring to ensure you’re not just exacting pressure on a particular muscle or part of your body.



Trying to get that rep of lifting heavy weights to get into the head of most people and they, in turn, try to keep up an appearance of strength that is not in them. This is ego and it should be crushed such that you don’t over-stress your muscles while trying to keep a show of strength. Most people in this category are weight rookies who should have rather taken it step by step.

Correction: Do not lift more than your stated capacity but ensure to learn effective positioning and balance while you’re growing your weights. The heavyweights will come but make sure you have the skillset and get it right from the basics.

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